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In the section Kharkov Hotels we provides to travellers most useful and helpful information about hotels in Kharkov. Full list of hotels from cheap to luxury, centrally located and outer districts. All Kharkov hotels in reservation system are available for guaranteed booking with instant confirmation. Check availability, price, guest reviews and get our best offers for accommodation in Kharkov.
0* Armagedon Hotel
Armagedon Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 38.00 ?

 Armagedon Hotel in Kharkov prevails an atmosphere of European comfort that corresponds to the needs of modern man. The spirit of antiquity combined with ultra-modern solutions. The presence of complex services, the relevant requirements and standards of hospitality fully meets the needs of the most demanding guests.

0* Artua Hotel
Artua Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 28.00 ?

 Artua Hotel Kharkiv is the atmosphere of European comfort that corresponds to the requirements of modern people. The spirit of antiquity with the modern solutions. A wide range of services that meet the standards of hospitality, fully satisfies the most demanding guests.

4* Aurora Hotel
Aurora Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Business-Hotel Aurora is a new hotel in the old downtown of Kharkov. This hotel is for those who appreciate the maximum comfort in everything: 37 cozy and comfortable rooms of different categories are at your service.

4* Baden-Baden Hotel
Baden-Baden Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 The hotel-restaurant complex Baden-Baden located on the shore of the azure lake surrounded by primeval forest, just 20 minutes from the city of Kharkiv. Location of the complex gives the opportunity to feel yourself on a desert island, as the urban civilization is removed to a distance of 2 km.

4* Britaniya Hotel
Britaniya Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 The 4 star Britaniya Hotel welcomes the guests - without leaving the city. It’s the three-storeyd building located in the picturesque place on the territory of Zhyravlevskiy Hidropark just 10 minutes drive from Kharkov city centre.

4* Carnaval Resort & SPA
Carnaval Resort & SPA
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Carnaval Resort & SPA - is a four-star hotel and recreation complex, the impeccable service, high comfort, rich diversity of offers, and advantageous location of which are no doubt beyond comparison. Carnaval Resort & SPA Hotel is situated in a historic place.

4* Chichikov Hotel
Chichikov Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Welcome to a new Chichikov Hotel located in the historical centre of the city of Kharkov. Four star Hotel Chichikov is a modern combination of hotel traditions and classical features. Chichikov Hotel is located in the very central district of Kharkov, in walking distance of the main street of the city...

0* City Club Hotel
City Club Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 50.00 ?

 It’s so nice to be conveniently located near what you want to do. The City Club Hotel in is only 10 minutes away from the downtown Kharkov and just steps from the Metalist Stadium. The Kharkov airport and the main railroad station are also easy to get to. Located on one of the main avenues, the hotel offers easy access to the main Kharkov attractions.

5* Cosmopolit Hotel
Cosmopolit Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Cosmopolit Hotel is the first art hotel in Ukraine which is situated in a picturesque park zone in Kharkiv. Art hotel Cosmopolit is an example of hospitality. The design of the hotel is one of the remarkable sights for the guests of the city, and the professional staff team makes you feel absolutely sure that you are in Europe.

3* Druzhba Hotel
Druzhba Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 27.00 ?

 Hotel and restaurant complex Druzhba which is situated in an ecological city borough at the bank of a picturesque lake. At your disposal single and double standart hotel rooms, semi-luxe and de-luxe suites where 155 men can stay at the same time.

5* Kharkiv Palace Hotel
Kharkiv Palace Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 150.00 ?

 The first five-star hotel in Kharkiv is situated in the city’s central Svobody Square. This 11-storey building blends into the architectural style of the square. Its internal design, once completed, will combine the elegance of classic modern architecture with functionality of the latest technology solutions.

3* Kharkov Hotel
Kharkov Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Hotel Kharkov is a modern hotel complex, having all necessary for providing of maximal comfort and cosiness. Hotel’s building is one of the visiting-cards of the city. Kharkov Hotel is located in its heart – on Svobody square, - it gives to the guests the list of additional advantages.

3* Kievskiy Hotel
Kievskiy Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Hotel Kievskiy is located in the business and cultural center of Kharkiv. Staying at this hotel in Kharkiv, you can easily combine work and leisure.

3* Mercury Hotel
Mercury Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Mercury Hotel is excellently positioned in a picturesque park zone 5 km far from the Airport, 10 km from the centre of the city and 14 km from the railroad terminal. Hotel Mercury was built in 2004 and it is provided with modern service and security technologies.

0* Nart Hotel
Nart Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Nart Hotel is located not far from the city center, in a green area on the river shore . It is equipped with comfortable guest rooms, which have an own charm and unique style. All rooms are equipped with ventilation systems, air conditioning, fire protection and security.

4* Park Hotel
Park Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Park Hotel in Kharkov is located just minutes from the cultural and business center. Park Hotel is the European tradition of hospitality, comfort and style. Park Hotel offers its guests 37 comfortable rooms of various categories. On the ground floor is a bar which serves a range of drinks and cigars.

4* Style Hotel
Style Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 90.00 ?

 Kharkov Hotel was opened in 2010 and is classified as a mini - hotels. The hotel has 5 rooms and suites, with original interior. Unique atmosphere of rest for the vip-people create stylish hotel in Kharkov, you will be hard to find such a place. All rooms, which are as majestic as the names of their exquisite luxury unique content - symbol of your prestige and status.

4* Victoria Hotel
Victoria Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

 Victoria hotel in Kharkov is as practical as an office, as cozy as home. It's located in the business centre of the city. A large number of Ukrainian and international banks, financial and trading companies are located nearby.

4* Viva Hotel
Viva Hotel
Location: Kharkov, Kharkiv
Rate from: 58.00 ?

 A new hotel-complex VIVA invites you. Viva Hotel Kharkov is located in the heart of the city 15 minutes of driving from the airport and railway station. The complex offers spacious apartments for leisure and business equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

3* ZS Club Hotel
ZS Club Hotel
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rate from: 57.00 ?

 Hotel ZS Club is a business - class hotel. It is located near the park area of central part of Kharkov. Elites rooms, cafe, lobby bar, breakfast (buffet table), sauna, lobby bar, laundry, internet (Wi-Fi), satellite television, round-the-clock service, closed parking place and wide spectrum of additional services are offered to the guests of ZS Club Hotel.

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