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Where to stay on holiday in Thailand

In anticipation of various holidays, in particular, the New Year, our citizens are looking for places for themselves where they can spend time, taking a break from worries. If you are fed up with spruce and pine trees, you can go to the other end of the world - to Thailand, namely to Phuket. "Paradise land" is ready to receive tourists from all over the world all year round, the main thing is to choose a suitable season for yourself - low, high or peak.

In Phuket, the first lasts from April to October, the second - from November to March, the third - starts on December 15 and ends on January 15, when there is no end to those who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays. In order for the weekend to work out well, you need to worry about the place of residence in advance. If you like traveling by an organized group of trips, then you should not worry almost. Travel companies pre-book hotels in Phuket and offer to choose only a class of apartments.

But today many people, both in couples and families, do not want to depend on the trip organizers on vacation and come to Thailand on their own. Therefore, a seasonal rental of real estate, when a villa or apartment can be rented for several days, weeks or a month, can be a good option for them. The cost of living depends on:

• season: the lower it is, the cheaper, sometimes two to three times;

• location of real estate: the closer to the sea, the more expensive;

• equipment of an apartment or villa;

• prestige of housing, when renting two adjacent houses will differ markedly;

• real estate area: the more bedrooms, the more expensive;

• services offered in the villa.

For the most demanding tourists, in addition to the usual luxurious apartments, there is also a rental of "extra class" real estate. Naturally, its cost will depend entirely on other factors, for example, the presence of antique furniture.

Tourists often want to know the difference between living in a hotel, apartment or villa. One of the advantages of renting a property is the number of people living at the same cost. Therefore, the villa can simultaneously accommodate 6 people, at the same price of a 2-bed hotel room. In addition, a detached house will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, as well as hide everyone from prying eyes.

One of the mistakes of tourists who begin to independently look for housing on vacation, the desire to rent a property for a small fee. It is possible, but then you should prepare for various surprises, for example, you will have to go to the beach for a very long time, and living conditions will be better.

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