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Tourism in Kharkov

Despite the fact that Kharkov today is a large business and economic center of Ukraine, it has not lost its unique multicultural charm, which not every city can boast of. In addition, Kharkov is still considered the main transport hub in Southeast Europe.

Here are located more than 140 research institutes, 45 universities and about 80 libraries.

This beautiful city organically combines Ukrainian and Russian cultures, historically closely related in this part of the country. Dozens of nationalities live here, more than 50 national associations are open. On the territory of the city there are houses of many faiths: Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, a mosque, a synagogue and churches of adherents of other faiths.

Arriving in Kharkov, you will certainly feel the hospitality of local residents, marvel at the variety of architectural attractions and just have a great time. One of the best places for a comfortable stay in Kharkov is PremierHotelAurora, more about which can be found here.

Among the most important tourist attractions of Kharkov, it is worth highlighting the places that won the competition "Seven Wonders of Kharkov", held in 2008.

The first among them is a monument to Taras Shevchenko, which was inaugurated in 1935. The 16.5-meter bronze monument of the writer is surrounded by 16 figures of heroes from the works of the great Ukrainian poet.
The second - the Glass Jet Fountain, which is under the protection of UNESCO, is one of the most famous symbols of the city. The fountain was built in 1947. He personifies the victory of the Soviet people in the fight against the Nazi invaders.
The Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin is a most valuable architectural monument. Its history begins in 1689, when the Cossacks decided to expand the city fortifications. Located in the historic city center. It was here that the world-famous philosopher Gregory Skovoroda taught.
The Annunciation Cathedral - the cathedral was built in the adjacent Neo-Byzantine-Russian architectural style in 1888 and was finally completed in 1901. The cathedral can simultaneously accommodate up to 4.5 thousand parishioners.
The Assumption Cathedral, located by the Lopan River, is one of the oldest temples in Kharkov. It was originally built in 1687, but since then it has significantly changed its appearance, since the cathedral was rebuilt several times.
Gosprom - the first Soviet frame skyscraper was erected in 1928 on Freedom Square. Today it is an architectural monument in the style of constructivism.
"House with a spire" - a residential building in the city center in a style popular in the Stalin era. The author of the project in 1954 was P.I. Areshkin. Its main part has a height of 7 floors, while the tower part, crowned with a spire, is 11 floors in height.
The sights listed above are just a drop in the sea of ​​Kharkov's architectural and historical diversity. Be sure to visit this wonderful city to see firsthand all its beauty that has come down to us through the centuries.

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