How will we purify the water?


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How will we purify the water?

Water filters are classified as household appliances, they are divided into categories: a) the simplest degree of purification; c) medium degree; c) the highest degree of purification.

The simplest water filters
Such filters include a jug and a special device, which is mounted directly on the water supply tap. These filters have a very short duration of their work; they can purify water from suspensions and chlorine salts contained in water. The water filter can not work in normal cleaning mode for a short time, only about a month and a half. But depending on the price and quality of the nozzle, the rate of purified water increases.

But still, all cartridges for water purification must be replaced after a certain time indicated on the package. And the result of all may be a paradox: the buyer who purchased the filters at a low price is much more likely to buy new ones to replace failed cartridges. And for the money that you spent on replacing old cartridges, you could, in the end, put in your home a modern water purification system.

A simple system for purifying water is a device that fits directly onto a water tap. Such devices are directly mounted on the cold water tap. Most filters of this class can purify water only from suspensions in the water stream. But at present, some manufacturers of this class of filters offer nozzles and a new sample, with ion-exchange resin, capable of even relieving a certain amount of water flow from stiffness and the presence of heavy metals, but such an amount of soft and clean water is not at all great. Existing types of water filters help to improve or even idealize the water that flows from the tap. Do not save on your health.

Water filter jug
This is the simplest filtering of water; it is capable of purifying a certain amount of water from chlorine, heavy metals, and suspensions in running water. The principle of its operation is simple: a vessel consists of an upper and lower part, we pour contaminated water into the upper part, and through the filter, purified water is collected in its lower part.

Two-stage filters for purifying running water
These filters clean the water stream to its purest state, suitable for drinking. They can be divided according to the degree of purification; there are 2 and 3 steps. They can also be divided by their location, for example, near the water supply to the apartment, usually this happens in the kitchen under the sink. And there are filters that are installed on the sink itself. They can vary in the number of flasks that directly purify the water.

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