How to choose a spring mattress?


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How to choose a spring mattress?

A mattress is an important thing in any home. Sleep, mood and health depend on its quality. The most common now are spring mattresses. How do they differ and how to choose them correctly?

Spring mattresses are the most common type. They are suitable for both adults and children, have a long service life, are available with different excipients. And they have important differences that allow the buyer to choose the right model for themselves, claims the blog about health.

Dependent spring unit
The Bonnel system was the most popular before, but with the advent of other spring systems, it became obsolete. In it, the springs are interconnected by a thin wire from below and from above. This ensures the durability and strength of the mattress.

However, such a mattress does not have orthopedic properties, which is why economy class mattresses are now produced using this technology. They are made from quality materials and comply with all European standards. But the dependent springs bend unevenly under the weight of a person, which does not allow maintaining the correct position of the body in a dream.

Independent spring unit
This is a new generation of spring mattresses. His invention made it possible to make simple spring mattresses orthopedic, giving them many advantages.

An independent spring unit is so named because the springs in it are not connected. Each takes its own branch. This allows such a mattress to take the shape of the human body during sleep, which ensures proper support for the spine. This quality has made mattresses with independent springs the favorites of the market - because they combine both health benefits and durability.
Another feature of such mattresses is that it is possible to produce springs of different stiffness and place them so that they fully correspond to the anatomical structure of the body.

Special metal springs
During sleep, a person breathes deeper, so it is important that the components of the mattress do not irritate sensitive people. For this, springs were made made of hypoallergenic alloys with the addition of silver. They not only do not irritate, but also benefit health.

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