A few words about equipment for hunting


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A few words about equipment for hunting

Hunting is a fascinating but rather exhausting task. Women who are seriously interested in this hobby spend up to a week in the wild. That is why clothing for hunting should fully comply with a number of requirements, recommends a women's blog:

Practicality. Equipment should have a large number of pockets of different sizes in which you can store equipment (knives, cartridges, lighters, etc.). They should also protect your items from getting wet. For this, special closing valves are used. Pockets should be easy to open, but things should not hang around, making noise, and falling out
The calculation of the terrain. Firstly, the equipment must be strong to withstand various mechanical damage, because hunting is accompanied by constant movement in thickets, swamps and even crawling on the ground. It should be comfortable and not restrict movements, so that you can move without problems or spend motionless time for a long time
Thermal insulation, protection against wind and moisture. Since most of the time you have to spend in the wild forest, you must be protected from adverse weather conditions. If you plan to hunt in areas with high humidity, the clothes should repel moisture well and dry quickly.
Noiselessness. The rustling equipment and ringing things in pockets can quickly frighten away any prey. Therefore, for hunting uniforms, a special soft fabric is used, which does not produce noise during movements. In the old days, hunters used padded jackets, but they were bulky, heavy, uncomfortable and burned well. The membrane is considered the best woven for such clothes.
Light weight, which also facilitates movement
The colors should match the area in which you hunt.
Similar requirements exist for shoes. The main factors when choosing it are the terrain and season. For example, winter shoes can be made using wool, felt and fleece, and the sole can have spikes for more convenient movement on ice.

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