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Offshore firms

Offshore is an enterprise registered in an offshore zone. Ordinary offshore zones are an independent state or region of a certain country where minimum business taxes are applied and tax incentives are applied.

Such benefits lie in the fact that if you buy an offshore in Hong Kong, then the taxation of a foreign company is completely absent if a number of conditions are met.

Conclusion, offshore companies (offshore firms) are an enterprise that is registered in the territory of a country where preferential taxation is applied and there is no currency control. The main condition for which the norms of legislation on preferential taxation apply is that the offshore business and all economic activities are carried out outside the country of its registration. Offshore companies act in accordance with the requirements of offshore zones, that is, they do not conduct business in the country of their registration, and the owners of such companies cannot be residents of these countries.

For the normal functioning of an offshore company in another country, it is necessary that such countries in which the offshore company operates and where it is registered, an international convention be concluded to avoid double taxation. Otherwise, if, for example, you buy an offshore company in Cyprus, taxes will be levied on the offshore company.

Offshore companies are very profitable and relevant for optimizing tax planning. The type of offshore activity can be very diverse - real estate transactions, trade, replenishment of working capital and others. In Russia, many firms use offshore zones to conduct business. This is explained by the fact that the tax system of the Russian Federation is still imperfect, taxes are too high, and the banking system is not sufficiently reliable. The offshore zone makes it possible to easily withdraw money and at the same time pay low taxes, without violating the law at all.

In many cases, offshore companies act as financial centers, which makes it possible to make the company's investment policy more flexible, which is why many businessmen want to buy an offshore company in the Seychelles. To ensure high offshore reliability, most often they use an offshore account in a foreign bank opened for a non-resident of the country. The bank, of course, must be located in a country with a stable economy, where reforms, revolutions and wars are not expected. A company that owns such an account can carry out foreign exchange transactions, and this is especially important for international companies.

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