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Tours in Baoji, China

The large and dynamically developing city of Baoji has something to offer tourists: a large number of attractions, entertainment venues and nature reserves.

China is a unique country, which will be difficult to understand until the end in one trip. Some of its parts are so different from each other in their culture, traditions and language that the impression of visiting another country is created. Therefore, Tours to China from a tour operator are so different, multifaceted and different from each other. This creates an opportunity for every tourist to choose a journey that suits their souls, which will resonate with his life priorities.

Of greatest interest to Ukrainian citizens is the city of Baoji, which is located in the heart of the country. In just a few decades, it has evolved from a small town into a major commercial and cultural center. The favorable location of the city contributed to this: it is here that all the roads leading to large cities intersect. Also, one cannot fail to note the rich historical past of this area and the abundance of architectural monuments.

So, the most important among them is the Jintai Guan Temple, which is a grandiose structure. A lot of secrets are connected with it, not solved until now. In view of this, this temple was surrounded by hundreds of interesting and breathtaking legends, which every tourist will be interested in getting to know. But the most important thing is that it contains the bone of the phalanx of Buddha, which is a real relic for local residents.

It is also impossible to leave the city without visiting the palace of Luy, which includes several monuments at once. It is often called the Cave of the Wise Mother, as well as the Pavilion of the Jasper Lord. A special attraction is considered to be cypress, which grows near the palace. According to legend, it was planted by Saint Zhang Sanfeng about 700 years ago, and the tree continues to grow and delight the eyes of the inhabitants. In terms of richness and abundance of excursion programs, one can only compare Beijing with this city, tours to which are no less interesting and informative.

Another relic on the territory of Baoji is considered to be the tomb of Emperor Ming (Qin Shi Huang), who did a lot for the city, so we especially revere it by the inhabitants. This attraction is located in the southern part of the city, and interesting excursions are often organized here.

It is here that the world famous army is located, made of burnt clay. In total, there are up to several thousand warriors with horses, and all of them are in excellent condition. They look so realistic that some even take their breath away at the sight of them. Thanks to this, this decoration is rightly called the eighth wonder of the world. Probably everyone will be able to visit this area.

Fans of plants and animals will also be interested in trips outside the city, where several reserves are located. Here you can enjoy exotic landscapes and picturesque waterfalls. Often organized visits to small villages in which life literally froze and proceeds as quietly and calmly as many years ago.

In addition to numerous monuments, ordinary walks around the city can also bring a sea of ​​impressions. Today, Baoji is a modern city with numerous shopping complexes, shops and various entertainment venues. A particularly romantic atmosphere is created in the evening, when the city dresses up in hundreds of bright and flickering lights.

There is also plenty of entertainment specifically designed for children. These are whole complexes and parks, which little travelers will be very interested to visit. That is why Holidays in China with children will be filled with vivid emotions and impressions. When working with a tour operator, ask him to include a visit to the above parks in the program to give a good mood to the whole family.

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