Types of compressor units


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Types of compressor units

The main part of the refrigeration equipment is compressor units. High-pressure compressors of the piston type are now widely used. Their principle of operation is based on the compression of the refrigerant by reducing its volume. The process takes place with the reciprocating movement of the pistons in the cylinders.

The compressed agent is discharged through a special discharge valve into the condenser channel. After that, the piston moves in the opposite direction, while a vacuum is formed in the cylinder, due to which the next portion of the vaporous agent flows.
Currently, the industry produces three types of reciprocating compressors: sealless, called semi-hermetic, hermetic and open-type units. All interested consumers can buy refrigeration compressors from the dealer network of domestic companies that supply and sell refrigeration equipment from leading global manufacturers.

As for the design of refrigeration compressors, for example, hermetic units are distinguished by the fact that their electric motor is mounted in an insulated housing. This type of device is used in refrigeration equipment of small capacity. They use electric motors with power from 30 to 40 kW as a drive. In open compressors, the motor is installed separately from the main body and connected to the unit through a belt drive or clutch. The number of cylinders in such compressors can be up to 12 pieces.

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