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All about wedding bouquet

The bridal bouquet plays an important role in the dress and image of the bride, which should be made according to the style of the dress, traditions, fashion, as well as using the bride's favorite flowers.

As you know, organizing a wedding is not an easy task, requiring time, material costs, and patience. In addition to pleasant moments, we have to solve many organizational issues. But still, most of the preparation is pleasant, especially for the bride, who needs to choose a wedding dress, accessories, hairstyle and, of course, a wedding bouquet.
Choosing a bouquet is no less complicated than the outfit itself. After all, it also has its own laws, rules, fashion. The most common type of bouquet we have is the classic round. And most often roses are used as flowers. The leg is usually made of plastic so that it does not crumble. Cascading bouquets are also common.

But now European fashion is striving for naturalness, so bouquets refuse all inanimate objects, jewelry, but only a flower and ribbons remain.

Wedding fashion suggests experimenting with the shape of the bouquet. It depends on what kind of wedding dresses the bride prefers and what outfit she has chosen, as well as on her height, hairstyle. If this is a tall girl, then bouquets of cascades or the so-called bouquets - drops, thin bouquets with long stems will look out of place.

Flowers waterfalls, lush bouquets are suitable for a lush classic dress, and small neat bouquets are selected for a stylish narrow dress. Also, flowers can be used to make a variety of objects and figures as bouquets, for example, muffs, baskets, bears, etc. A talented florist will always have many extraordinary solutions. Of course, the bride must also participate in this process so that the flowers match her taste, character, and then the dress.

And don't limit yourself to roses. You can use lilies, orchids, tulips, violets and many other flowers, which are also symbols of feelings, emotions, character traits.

When composing a bouquet, it should be noted that it should not be heavy. It is better not to use flowers with a strong scent. And of course, the bouquet should not be sloppy and tasteless. Also now they make an understudy bouquet, which the bride throws to her bridesmaids. It is advised not to give away your wedding bouquet, but it is best to keep it as a memory of this day.

Of course, it is best to address this issue to the florist and work with him together. Only a professional designer will be able to create a unique stylish and beautiful bouquet that will emphasize and complement the image of the bride, and will always remind you of what an unusual and bright wedding she had.

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