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Scenic sights of New York

New York is full of contrasts and picturesque places, its attractions are masterpieces of world architectural thought.

The symbol of the city, the entire country, as well as freedom and democracy is the Statue of Liberty, and without it it is difficult to imagine not only New York, but also the United States of America. Its designer was the famous author of the Eiffel Tower - Gustave Eiffel, and the statue itself became a gift to the Americans from the French nation.

The Brooklyn Bridge, erected in 1883, is no less symbolic for New York. Like a visiting card, this handsome bridge adorns with itself, almost all images associated with the city.
Almost all of the most amazing sights of New York are concentrated in the historic center of the city - on the island of Manhattan. Here are famous museums and skyscrapers, as well as the heart of the metropolis - Times Square. Forty million tourists every year consider it their sacred duty to see this square, making it the most visited attraction in the world.

Long ago, Manhattan was bought from the tribal population for a ridiculous amount of $ 24, and today the island is replete with skyscrapers so that you can see the sky from here only by lifting your head higher. Along Manhattan stretches the world famous Broadway, a stronghold of theatrical and cultural life, as well as the longest street in the metropolis, twenty-five kilometers long. This is the favorite place of directors.

The most expensive street in the world is also located in New York, and, of course, this is Fifth Avenue. The most expensive restaurants, luxury boutiques and world brand offices attract shoppers and spectacle lovers from all over the world. It is always noisy here, there are expensive cars, celebrities pass by.

If we are to mention the famous streets of New York, then one cannot but recall the world financial center Wall Street, where the American Stock Exchange is located, a kind of Mecca of world capitalism.

New York is such a contrasting and amazing city that anyone can find interesting sights in it.

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